The Many Things You Should Know About The Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

The Many Things You Should Know About The Australian Shepherd

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Despite the name, the Australian Shepherd is a breed of dog that comes straight from the United States. These large and hairy dogs are generous, loving, and extremely protective when it comes to their owners and family members. They’re great to have around the home as pets because they’re fairly calm and surely do love to be around other people.

Are They Big Dogs?

These dogs are definitely larger in size when compared to many other breeds. Males may weigh up to 70 pounds while the females often weigh up to 55 pounds. Not only are they big in size, but they have big hearts. They’re known for being gentle giants that typically love cuddling with their owners, receiving lots of positive attention, and being able to run around outdoors while getting in some exercise for the day.

What Does the Australian Shepherd Look Like?

The typical Australian Shepherd has a whole lot of fur, a bushy tail, and droopy ears. These dogs are usually a mixture of several different colors, which may include reddish brown, black, tan, and white. The eye color of these animals varies from dog to dog. Some of the dogs have bold brown eyes while others have bright blue eyes.

Do These Dogs Need a Lot of Attention?

Although these particular dogs are gentle and loving, they do like to get as much attention from their owners as they possibly can. They love being active and getting out of the house to run around. If you become the owner of one of these dogs, you should make sure you’re taking the animal outside for exercise on a daily basis. You could go for long walks, jogs, or even take a trip to the park to play Frisbee with the dog.

In addition to taking your pet outside for plenty of quality time and much-needed exercise, you should make sure you’re selecting the perfect toys for the pup to play with at home. This particular breed doesn’t like to sit around and stay bored for long. In fact, these animals may become fairly destructive if they’re not getting enough attention and aren’t given that much to do during the day. It’s easy to avoid that problem by making sure you’re offering several fun and enjoyable options to the pup throughout the day.

If you’re thinking about buying or even adopting an Australian Shepherd as a pet, these are some of the important things you should know ahead of time. If you live an active lifestyle and love to go for long walks, this type of dog will love to come out with you while enjoying the beautiful weather. If you’re not a fan of going outdoors at all, this probably isn’t the right breed for you simply because these kinds of dogs love being active and need to be taken out regularly. The Dachshund is a well more suited apartment dog. Now that you know a bit more about the wonderful breed, you can decide if it’s the right breed for you to purchase or adopt.

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