Why Boston Terriers Are Such A Desirable Breed

Why Boston Terriers Are Such A Desirable Breed

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It is hard to assert that one breed of dog is better than another, even though many pet lovers will swear that theirs is the absolute best. However, when it comes to the Boston Terrier, there are a number of traits that you can count on, which will leave you only wanting more. There are also some things that you should know before you take the leap into becoming a new doggy parent.

One of the most prized traits is that this breed is extremely lovable. Whether you are fortunate enough to have them starting when they are very young, or they are fortunate enough to be adopted into your family later in their life, you can almost guarantee that they will never want to leave your side. They are extremely loyal. Some that do not have experience with them are surprised by this as they don’t necessarily look like the cuddling type.

In addition to being great friends to the humans in the home, they are also well known for making friends with other dogs and even cats. This is an extremely important trait in case you think you may bring another animal into the home in the future or already have one. They also tend to be great with even strangers as they enjoy attention from just about anyone that will give it to them.

Another perk is that even though they are loyal they have a very low tendency to bark. This is great for those that live in an apartment, condo or town home. No one wants to be that neighbor with the loud dog. This breed is more likely to run to you if they hear something than to go running and barking at the window or door.

As far as apartment or smaller home living goes they have a few other great traits that fit into that lifestyle. One is that they do not need nearly as much exercise as most other dogs. They are around the middle of the road for that need. Just like any dog they do appreciate playing games and getting some time outside, but you do not necessarily need to take them for a long walk every day.

They also have rather low grooming needs. Thanks to their short hair that does not shed very much you will find that this breed is optimal for living in smaller spaces that would require daily clean up otherwise. They also tend to stay out of dirty situations, such as rolling in the mud.

Boston Terriers are great dogs all around. They have average health issues and are about average for intelligence as well. All of these traits combine to ensure that you will have a lovable, friendly and generally quiet new family member when you are ready to make the leap. Just be sure that you will have the time to give them the love and attention that they so strongly desire and crave. You will likely enjoy it just as much as they do. Yet another great choice for a family dog would be the German Shorthaired Pointer with great love for children and easy to train mentality.

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