All You Need to know about the Yorkshire Terrier

All You Need to know about the Yorkshire Terrier

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Affectionately known as the “Yorkie”, this small dog from England has its origins around the mid- 1800s. Even though it is small the Yorkie is no small dog and carries a personality and love of adventure that is commonly found in hunting and work dogs. The Yorkshire terrier is also very affectionate and a great addition to any family unit.

The Physical Side

The Yorkie is a lot of dog wrapped into a small and confident presentation with a sharp and attentive expression. The most notable characteristic of the Yorkie, after ts diminutive size, is the dog’s coat which is brown tan and then a shock of steely blue grey and the back. The coat can be styled into a number of fashionable designs and done up a thousand colorful bows.


While the Yorkies may be small in size, they are also bold, determined and always ready for adventure, which can also be called mischief. Yorkies are known for being stubborn and assertive toward other animals especially dogs who they are not familiar with. The Yorkie is a barker and can cause a serious racket if not trained otherwise

Care and Training

Your Yorkie will have inexhaustible energy and need regular exercise to be happy. If you neglect to take them outside, they are small enough to burn off a lot of energy in the home, which may or may not be ok with you. Their coat will require brushing to avoid tangles but is fairly easy to maintain. The Yorkie will do best in an indoor environment.


Due to a series of minor health considerations, including patellar luxation, the Yorkie’s lifespan is about 14 to 16 years. A few other health concerns to be aware of include progressive retinal atrophy, tracheal collapse, Legg-Perthes disease and portacaval shunt. Regular checkups with the vet will also do much to take preventative measure to ensure these health conditions don’t get out of hand.


The origins of the Yorkshire Terrier are very different from those of an ordinary ratter or working dog although the combination has element of both. IT is strongly believed that the Yorkshire came about as project of elitist breeding and included bloodlines from the Clydesdale Waterside, Dandie, Paisey and Dinmont. One of the most important forerunners of the Yorkshire Terrier is the Waterside Terrier that provided the tell-tale splash of blue on the Yorkie’s back.

The Yorkie was brought to the US for the first time in 1872 and there was much dispute about what the true size of this dog should be. Many of the early Yorkies became much bigger, before a regulatory committee in the US and England decided that the ideal weight for a Yorkie is between 3 and 7 pounds.

The charming personality, friendly disposition and compact size of the Yorkie makes it an ideal family pet and lap dog for any human. IF you are looking for a lovable pet with tons of character, the Yorkie could be your next best friend. If barking is an issue, a Boston Terrier could serve as an alternative choice.

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