All You Need to Know About the Mastiff


All You Need to Know About the Mastiff

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If you are looking for a dog with prodigious love, loyalty and size, the Mastiff has it all in classical poise and charming demeanor. Looking at the sleek body, imposing proportions and black masked face, this dog can give off the wrong impression, this is the most lovable and family oriented dog you could hope to find.

Mastiffs may be gentle, but they are still giants. Routinely weighing in at 200 pounds, these are easily the biggest dogs you can find. The Great Dane may be taller but rarely as heavy as a Mastiff. These big dogs use size, weight and reputation as their greatest weapons as they are not especially aggressive by nature.

Nevertheless, the well-bred, well-trained and well-socialized Mastiff will protect and care for his family with fierce loyalty and fearless courage. They also have a keen understanding of what is and isn’t a threat and will even socialize well with other humans and dogs with whom they have been properly introduced.

A Mastiff will be a demanding member of the family and require strength, stamina and firm but gentle training methods to create a respectable citizen. They seem to have a stubborn streak, but the Mastiff is more of a selective listener than defiant and will invariably comply after gentle persuasion.


Then there are some physical characteristics about the Mastiff that call for patience, powerful furniture and lots of paper napkins or wash cloths. First, they are extremely big heavy dogs and seem to forget these facts about themselves. Your Mastiff will climb in bed, on your couches and they have even been known to knock over family dining tables attempting to join the family in their repast.

They are also flatulent and can routinely clear a room after getting into the dairy or other goodies best kept off their diet plan. Prolific slobber is another part of the Mastiff lifestyle and you will need a contingency plan to deal with this. A daily change of neck-kerchiefs has been especially effective in reducing the deluge.

If you are simply looking for property or even industrial security, the Mastiff would not be a good choice for you. The Mastiff will not protect a property line or warehouse-shaped pile of bricks simply because you say to– the Mastiff’s protective nature serves family and homes. If you were to leave the Mastiff unattended and untrained you would be left with 200 pounds of relatively good-natured destruct-o-machine. The Mastiff’s excellent exploring and excavation skills will do a number on your property and belongings and in the end, it may just be cheaper to get robbed.

In closing, the Mastiff are intelligent and eager to please, you will need to begin socializing and obedience training at a young age. Allowing them to interact with many people and dogs at a young age will make them more sociable as adults, but you need not worry that this will diminish their efficacy as a home and family guardian. If you have plenty of room in your lifestyle and budget for a big friend a Mastiff is the right dog for you. If not then the Bulldog or Yorkshire Terrier might be a an alternative.

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