What You Should Know About Your Dachshund

What You Should Know About Your Dachshund

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The Dachshund was a breed that was created in Germany where he was bred to kill badgers. The word “Dachs” means badger and “Hund” means dog. They were also quite adept at killing other small prey such as squirrels, rabbits, foxes and on rare occasion, working together in packs they would kill a wild boar.

However, don’t let the small size fool you, this little dog is a ferocious tenacious dog that will go after any small animal of prey. If all else fails, you’ll find that their toys are effectively “killed” in lieu of small animals.

Regardless of size, they are a great family dog and rank near the top of the “most wanted dog” list. Cute, lively and with a sweet disposition they have many unique names including “wiener dog”, “sausage dog”, “hot dog” and even “Doxie”.

This breed exudes confidence and will proudly carry their body on those short stubby legs holding his or her head high. They are bold, intelligent and very friendly.

Doxie’s are very helpful to their owners. They will “assist” their owners in nearly any task including tying shoes, taking out the trash and picking up the toys around the house. They love to chase things and will go to great lengths to get their owners to play ball or some other version of a fetch game.

Ideal for small homes and apartments the only thing that owners will need to be aware of is that the Doxie does like to bark. This may take some serious training to stop however, they are generally pretty obedient dogs.

Care should be taken to socialize this breed. They can become snappy if they’re not properly trained and socialized. If you’re residing in a cold region of the country the breed may benefit from a sweater or sweatshirt during the colder winter months.

Wiener dogs come in varying shades of red, black and tan, cream, chocolate and tan, tan and blue, fawn and a dapple mottled pattern of colors. There are three distinct types of hair. Long, smooth and wirehaired. Longer haired and wirehaired must be brushed daily to prevent mats in their coats.

Excellent as a therapy dog this dog generally bonds to one main person in the household. They love to go on walks but care must be taken to keep them on a leash as they love to run. The other concern regarding this breed is their tendency to herniated discs in their backs due to their length. Care must be taken to keep them from jumping off of furniture. This could result in paralysis if they injure a disc.

Due to the breeding to hunt, they also like to dig up the flower bed so care must be taken to ensure that they’re not left unsupervised in the yard or you may find that you don’t have to weed the garden anymore, nor do you have any potatoes or carrots come harvest time.

Dachshunds require a firm hand but are very loving and the owner will be rewarded with a sweet loving dog that adores them if they take the time to properly train their dog. If you seek a dog with a lower tendency to bark then the Golden Retriever is a perfect choice and shares much of the traits of the Dachshund.

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